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Symposium Introduction

African-American Quality of Life: Implications for Public Management and Social Policy  

Brian N. Williams



Symposium Articles

Impact of Poverty, Sex Ratios, and Marital Status on HIV Infection Rates among African American Women in Mississippi 

Larry M. Gant and Zanetta C. Gant





Contextualizing Juvenile Re-entry for Young African American Males: From Prison Yard to Schoolyard 

Joseph B. Richardson, Jr.





Analyzing Education Policy and Reform with Attention to Race and Socio-economic Status 

H. Richard Milner IV and Sheneka M. Williams 



Negotiating Atmospheric Threats and Racial Assaults in Predominantly White Educational Institutions 

Franklin A. Tuitt and Dorinda J. Carter 



Supportive Housing: Implications for its Efficacy as Intervention with Special Needs Low-income African Americans

Carol S. Collard and Rufus Larkin 



Who Benefits from Concentrated Affluence? A Synthesis of Neighborhood Effects Considering Race, Gender, and Education Outcomes

Odis Johnson, Jr.