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Can Mentoring Mean the Difference Between Success and Failure For Municipal Mexican American Professionals? A Research Note
Ramona Ortega


Language Diversity and the Politics of the English Only Movement in the U.S.
Renford Reese


A Rhetorical Perspective of President Clinton's Initiative on Race
Mitchell F. Rice & Martin Carcasson


Then Ennobling of Presidential Symbolism: Policy Drift and the Future of Race Relations

Wilbur C. Rich


The Emergence of "White Civil Rights" In the Administration of President William Jefferson Clinton
Ronald Walters


Citizen Empowerment through Policy Making: The Case of Nebraska Pact
Ethel H. Williams


An Expansion of Contingency Theory: The Shifting Roles of Elected Officials and City Managers with Respect to Mission, Policy, Administration, and Management
Patricia A. Wilson