Editor’s Note

What Role is there for the Intelligentsia in the Public Service?

Harvey L. White

Journal of Public Management and Social Policy: A Tool for Meeting the Informational Need of Practitioners

Doris Micheaux

Symposium Articles

Diversity, Society and the Public Sector

Mitchell Rice

The Cultural Diversity Forum: Success or Failure

Audrey Mathews

Racial Diversity, Representation and Community Policing in Large City Police Organizations: The 1990s and Beyond

William G. Lewis

Meeting the Challenge: Being A Successful Leader Of an Increasingly Diverse Workforce

Blue Wooldrige

Diversity and the City Management Profession: The Black City Manager

Sylvester Murray

The Powerful Oppressed: A Study of African American Female Leaders in Jackson, Mississippi

Curtina Moreland-Young

Diversity as Differences in the Ways of Managing: Cultivating an Appreciation for Feminine Styles of Management

Harvey White and Doris Micheaux

Highlights of Public Management

An Endangered Species – The Public Manager

Kenneth Austin

Profile of a Public Manager

Focus on Bob Terrell, City Manager of Fort Worth, Texas

Focus on Academia

Supply, Demand and Minority Participation in Graduate Public Service Education: Old Problem, New Paradigm

Charles Sampson

Book and Research Notes

Taming City Hall – Rightsizing for Results, by Gerald Seals

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