Editor’s Note

Public Service Organizations In an Era of Change, Technology and Globalization

Harvey L. White

Symposium Introduction

Rightsizing Public Service Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities

Matti F. Dobbs

Symposium Articles

Streamlining Government: It Can Be Done!

Gerald Seals

The Human Side of Downsizing

Matti F. Dobbs

Downsizing and Diversity: Navigating the Path Between Trauma and Opportunities

Marjane Jensen and Judith H. Katz

Rightsizing, Reengineering, Downsizing: A Revisit to the “Environmental Imperative”

Patricia A. Wilson

After the Base Closes: Community Responses to Changes in the Military Health Care System

Anne Osborne Kilpatrick, James Scaramozzino and Barbara J. Holt

From Downsizing, Restructuring, Rightsizing, and Reengineering to Revitalizing Organizations

Jeffalyn Johnson

Profile of a Public Manager

Coclis S. Moody, Director of Economic Impact and Diversity, U.S. Department of Energy

Focus on Academia

Federal Defense Economic Conversion and California 1988-1993: A Post-Cold War Intergovernmental Analysis

Michael J. Siler

Book and Research Notes

Risking a Nation, by Jerome B. Mckinney

Reviewed by Harvey L. White