Symposium Articles

Impact of Poverty, Sex Ratios, and Marital Status on HIV Infection Rates among African American Women in Mississippi

Larry M. Gant and Zanetta C. Gant


Contextualizing Juvenile Re-entry for Young African American Males: From Prison Yard to Schoolyard

Joseph B. Richardson, Jr.


Analyzing Education Policy and Reform with Attention to Race and Socio-economic Status

H. Richard Milner IV and Sheneka M. Williams


Negotiating Atmospheric Threats and Racial Assaults in Predominantly White Educational Institutions

Franklin A. Tuitt and Dorinda J. Carter


Supportive Housing: Implications for its Efficacy as Intervention with Special Needs Low-income African Americans

Carol S. Collard and Rufus Larkin


Who Benefits from Concentrated Affluence? A Synthesis of Neighborhood Effects Considering Race, Gender, and Education Outcomes

Odis Johnson, Jr.


African-American Quality of Life: Implications for Public Management and Social Policy

Brian N. Williams


Symposium Introduction