Editors’ Introduction

Housing and Human Services: Intergenerational Policy Considerations

Tony Carrizales and Andrew I. E. Ewoh



Assessing the Impacts of Political Factors on Nursing Home Regulation

Lucinda M. Deason, Augustine Hammond and Philip C. Aka


A Case for Expanding Nonprofit Activities in Affordable Housing: An Analysis of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Outcomes 1987-2006

Robert Mark Silverman and Kelly L. Patterson


The Vulnerability of Low Wage Human Service Workers in Retirement: Policy Implications

Stephen K. Aikins and Joan E. Pynes


Haiti’s Toxic Waste Dilemma: A Case Study of Environmental Policy Shortcomings in Global Context

Michele Zebich-Knos


Counting the Impossible: A Research Note on Using Inferential Statistics to Enumerate Homelessness in Georgia

Jennifer Lewis Priestley and Jane Massey