Editors’ Introduction

Public Service: Law Enforcement, Environmentalism and Health

Tony Carrizales and Andrew I. E. Ewoh



African-American and White Perception of Police Services: The Impact of Diversity on Citizens’ Attitudes toward Police Services

Erin J. Holmes and Doug Goodman


Environmental Justice Movement: A Review of History, Research, and Public Health Issues

Sacoby M. Wilson


Normative and Empirical Justice Research: A Preliminary Exploration of Public Administrators in the Health Care Context

Kaifeng Yang and Neil De Haan


The Unintended Consequences of the Stigmatization of Affirmative Action for Beneficiaries: A Review of the Literature

G.L.A. Harris


Book Review

Reasonable Public Servant: Constitutional Foundations of Administrative Conduct in the United States

Reviewed by Judy-Lynne Peters