Symposium Introduction

Norvella Carter and Stephanie Knight

Symposium Articles

The Historical Context for Understanding the Test Score Gap

James D. Anderson

Improving Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools

Stephanie L. Knight

A Teacher Induction Model for Urban Settings: A Follow-up Study

Vivkie Moon-Merchant and Norvella Carter

Leveling the Playing Field: A Critical Examination of Urban Teachers' Pedagogical Practices of Equity and Excellence for Diverse Students Working in Collaborative Learning Classrooms

Deneese L. Jones, Karen S. Webb, Claude Christian, Todd Savage and Naah Yemeh

The Effect of Recreational Reading on High-Poverty, Urban African American Students: A Longitudinal Study

Novella P. Carter

Ujima: Collective Responsibility in Confronting the Disproportionate Representation of African American Youth in Special Education

Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson, Ronald S. Rochon and Patricia Larke