Editors' Introduction

Contemporary Issues in Public Management and Policy:

Language Accessibility, Voter Participation and Affirmative Action


Byron E. Price and Tony Carrizales


Language Minorities and the Digital Divide: A Study of State e-Government Accessibility


Nadia Rubaii-Barrett and Lois Recascino Wise

Nuevos Residentes and Local Government Language Accessibility


Christine Thurlow Brenner

From Beats to Ballots: The Hip-Hop Generation and the 2004 Presidential Election


F. Erik Brooks, Nathan W. Pino, and Kyong Hee Chee

From Bakke to Gratz: The Importance of Numerical Goals inAffirmative Action


Norma Riccucci

Book Reviews

Looking for a Federal Job?


Cryshanna A. Jackson

Research Resources

Representative Bureaucracy: A Bibliography of Related Literature


Tony Carrizales and Leila Sadeghi