Editor’s Note

Education as a Social Imperative for the Information Age

Harvey L. White

Symposium Introduction

Change, Higher Education and the 21st Century

Audrey J. Murrel

Symposium Articles

The Philosophy of Management Education: Implications of Alternative Value Systems for Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Governance

Alice C. Stewart and Bruce Barry

Academics and Action in Research Universities of the 21st Century: The Roots, Forms, and Future of Action Research

Geoffrey Maruyama

Family Income and College Enrollment: The Link Grows Stronger

Susan Williams McElroy and Anthony J. Harris

The Antique University: Making Room for the New Distance Learning Paradigm

Neale L. Martin and Reshma H. Shah

Change in Higher Education: The Crisis of the Minnesota Health Care Center

Daniel S. Fogel

Change in the Medical School: A Case Study

David W. Dunner

Predicting Commitment in Adult and Traditional-Age Students: Applying Rusbult’s Investment Model to the Study of Retention

Marie A. Cini and Janie M. Harden Fritz

Alumni Contributions: The Management of University Identity

Beth Dietz-Uhler, Rajesh Sethi and Audrey J. Murrell

Profile of a Public Manager

Dr. James Parham

Focus on Academia

Higher Education and National Development Planning in Africa

Andrew I.E. Ewoh

Revisiting Development Administration

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