Editor's Introduction

Integration, Mediation, Equity and Attrition: Social Policy across America

Tony Carrizales



Social Capital and Social Integration: The Case of the Barrio in San Antonio, Texas

Arturo Vega, Juanita Firestone, Richard Harris and Ruben O. Martinez


Structures and Strategies of Immigrant Integration: Evidence from Local Governments in the New Latino Destinations of the United States

Christine Thurlow Brenner


The Multifaceted Nature of White Female Attrition in the Military

G.L.A. Harris


Regulation of Child Custody Mediation: A Patchwork Quilt

Patrice M. Mareschal and Joel P. Rudin


An Examination of Social Equity and its Dimensional Emphasis in the Public Administration Literature

LaShawn D. Moore and John C. Morris


Book Reviews

Can We Overcome Racism?

Brenda L.H. Marina


Overcoming Gender Inequality in Public Administration: Lessons from Our Leaders

Helisse Levine